11 Food Items That Are Silent Killers

“Heart-strengthening benefits!” they scream, “Ancient superfood! Cancer-killer! This food is the secret to endless energy and perfect skin!” Most of the time, all the ruckus just results in naive soccer moms and affluent thirty-somethings wasting a few bucks, but sometimes, those promising little signs kill. Though they’re touted as super foods, these eleven “healthy food items” may be silently killing you.

1. Processed Breakfast Cereals

These boxes are usually white or brown, covered in bushels of wholesome-looking grains, and eager to tell you all about their fiber and vitamin content. The box will often say that the goodies within are fat-free and whole-grain, making them a perfect part of a balanced breakfast. And, at first glance, the nutrition facts on the back of the box may seem impressive: it’s got tons of iron, B vitamins, and even a hit of Vitamin D!

Don’t be fooled. The vitamin content in these “healthy” breakfast cereals come from synthetic sources added in to make them appear nutritionally sound. A closer look will reveal loads of carbohydrates and refined sugar. Beginning each day with a sugar rush will inevitably result in a crash and sugar cravings later in the day, making this breakfast choice the first domino in an erratic blood sugar roller coaster.

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