18 Best Gifts For Men You Can Give This Christmas

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It’s that time of year, and you’re probably looking for the best gifts for your loved ones. Let’s take a look at some of the options that are popular for this year.

1. Beer Subscription

Subscriptions are all the rage, and you can get your friends or family a 3-month beer subscription. There’s everything from IPAs to stouts, so you’ll have to browse around until you find something that fits their tastes.

2. Beer of the Month Club

This is an even better deal than the one above, as it includes six months of beers! That’s half a year of delicious brews. The best part? They’re all craft beers! You don’t have to worry about your loved ones getting stuck with some kind of Bud Light or Rolling Rock monstrosity.

3. Gourmet Coffee Subscription

Caffeine addicts will love this for Christmas- they get up early in the morning and need coffee by dawn! They’ll love getting coffee from all over the world in the comfort of their home.

4. Three In One Charging Stand

Get your loved ones a gift that they can enjoy every single day, not just during Christmas. This charger is perfect any time of the year! It comes with its own cord for charging smartphones and tablets in addition to a built-in LED light.

5. Fooseball Cooler

You know when you’re relaxing with a couple of beers and want to play foosball? Well, now you can (drunkenly) with this cooler and set. Perfect for any guy, this gift is sure to get them up on their feet.

6. Steady Disc Camera Drone

For those who love taking aerial shots of their adventures out in the mountains or down by the shore, they’ll adore this little camera drone that can actually fly through the air!

This is also perfect for people who are into extreme sports like surfing and snowboarding. It’s a great way to film the action without having to risk getting injured.

7. ESPN Trivia Night

This game will be loved by anyone who loves sports, especially the big game. It comes with trivia about past games and events, along with exclusive content you can only get through this game!

8. 3D Printing Pen

This pen is perfect for anyone that likes to take their ideas and create something new. With the press of a button, you can start creating anything out of thin air! From figurines to plants, this pen has everything you need to unleash your creativity.

9. Magnetic Golf Club Head Covers

For any golfer in your life, these magnetic covers are perfect for storing clubs without losing them or having them roll off somewhere where they’ll be hard to find. Made out of high-quality aluminum alloy metal which will withstand the test of time so they’ll be ready for the next time you take your clubs out!

10. Toloco Massage Gun

This specially designed massage gun will have any aching muscles fixed in no time. With just the press of a button, the Toloco massager can soothe your body all wherever you are! For those who suffer from frequent aches and pains, this is a lifesaver as it feels similar to having someone give you a professional massage without even being there.

11. Bottle Loft

What exactly is a bottle loft? It’s a small piece of magnetic strip that you can stick up to six bottles to so they don’t get in the way when reaching into the fridge. Take them down and put them through the dishwasher and they’re good as new!

12. Fleece Joggers

For the fitness fanatics in your family, you can’t go wrong with a pair of joggers. They’re perfect for wearing when it’s time to hit the gym and they look stylish when worn out on the streets, too! The fleece material means that these are also great for colder weather, something that many joggers struggle with.

13. Aeropress Coffee & Espresso Maker

This coffee maker is the easiest way to get your caffeine fix! Some people might be put off by having to manually squeeze water through coffee grounds using an Aeropress, but this only takes around 15 seconds and ensures every last drop of flavor gets extracted from whatever tasty beans you choose… and there’s no mess left to clean up afterward either!

14. Mini Outdoor Pizza Oven

This portable oven is the quickest way to make pizzas – it takes less than two minutes! There are also other options, such as making garlic bread or baking cakes, but pizza is definitely the most popular.

15. Magnetic Wristband

Any gearhead knows that finding tools in a car can be a pain when you’re under pressure to get things done quickly. This magnetic wristband really does come in handy for holding nuts and bolts while you work. If you know someone who has taken up DIY, they’ll definitely appreciate this one!

16. Wireless Charging Pad

Going wireless with charging phones has never been easier than with these pads. The pad generates an energy field that automatically charges your phone when it’s placed on top, so there’s no need for wireless charging cases or pads that take up extra space. These are perfect to give as gifts this Christmas because they’re something anyone can use!

17. Laser-cut Wood iPhone Case

This isn’t just any laser-cut wood case, either. Laser-cut wood is actually a big trend now, and just like other laser-cut products, these phone cases are very detailed. This means this gift will definitely leave the person you give it to out of breath once they open it! For people who appreciate artistry (and know how much work went into cutting all those tiny pieces), these cases make great presents.

18. Bose Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Everybody needs a good speaker. It has to have great sound quality, for one, but it shouldn’t be so big, either. That’s why a Bluetooth speaker is a perfect choice. This Bose Portable Bluetooth Speaker gives crisp and clear sound with deep bass that will really fill up the room – whether you’re outside or inside.

Final Thoughts
As you can see, there are a lot of different factors to take into account when buying the perfect present for your guy. You want something that is thoughtful and useful- but if he’s anything like most men I know, he’ll be happy with whatever it is as long as it doesn’t involve too much cooking or housework!

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