10 Money-Wasting Habits You Need To Stop

There are many habits that we all have that can lead to wasting money. We often don’t even realize that we are wasting money until we do an analysis of our expenses at the end of the month or in some cases at the end of the year. This report is all about money-wasting habits that we all need to stop. Take a look at the top 10 money-wasting habits below.

1. Using Out-Of-Network ATMS

Withdrawing from an ATM is convenient and easy, but can be costly. Switching from using out-of-network ATMs to ATMs that are associated with your financial institution at least once per week, will result in approximately $240 in saving per year. They are also banks that provide refunds of ATM fees for checking accounts.

2. Not Creating A Budget

It has been reported that only 41 percent of people in the US use budgets. You can’t stick to something that doesn’t exist, budgets are specific to the person creating it. Be creative with your budgeting, swap fine dining for picnics, if you overspend on entertainment find affordable, fun alternatives.

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