12 Bizarre But Fascinating Court Cases

Ever thought about suing your neighbor for playing their music a little too loud? Or, have you ever been injured in a car accident and tried to sue (or considered it) the party at fault? Well, these are a few of the most bizarre cases, including individuals suing themselves, you’ve probably never heard about. With strange, bizarre, and outright scandalous, these cases are sure to amaze, and baffle a majority of us who have ever considered turning to the legal system for help.

12.Victoria Secret

Cops file lawsuits as well, as cited by this 2009 case. Macrida Patterson was trying on a tight fitting pair of underwear in a local Victoria Secret store. A metal clip subsequently flew off, hit her in the eye, and she sued the mega retailer for damages and injuries caused by her mishap.

11. PETA suit

PETA volunteers attended an anti-hunt protest, and subsequently filed a lawsuit because of it. They sued the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife after two members struck a deer, stating that “deer management” wasn’t properly done. The protesters sued because of damage to their vehicle. Funny how they quickly turned against the organization they were trying to fight with.

10. Israeli Woman

After watching a weather station in Israel, and claiming the weather reports weren’t 100% accurate, a woman sued the local station for their inaccuracy in reporting. The station claimed the weather would be fine, but it subsequently rained; this woman dressed “lightly” and got the flu because of a rainstorm. Unfortunately it seems that she lacked the common sense to know that not every report is 100% accurate.

9. Albuquerque woman sues McDonalds

In this 1992 suit a woman purchased coffee from a drive-thru window. When she wanted to add cream and sugar to her drink, she put the cup in between her legs and the hot beverage spilled on her. She blamed the fast food chain for serving a beverage which was “too hot.” Needless to say, today every cup you see from McDonalds has a warning “hot beverage” label on it.

8. “Natural Born Killers” producer sued

In 1995 Patsy Byers was left paralyzed after a couple (Sarah Edmundson and Benjamin Darrus) went on a crime spree. After seeing the film, she sued the filmmakers as well as Warner Bros. Sure, some people do what they see in film, but should film producers really be to blame? In some cases, it seems like yes.

7. Video Game maker sued

Linda Sanders and others sued a video game maker in 2001 after the Columbine shootings took place. They claimed if it wasn’t for the game then the massacre wouldn’t ever have occurred. However, in this case the plaintiffs weren’t going to win; in fact, they ended up paying legal fees for the video game producers. Not all suits go to plan, as is prefaced by this particular case, which was of course a tragedy.

6. Wife sued by Husband

After suing his wife, Peter Wellis sued his ex wife. The basis for the suit was – get this – “sperm theft.” She didn’t inform him of the fact she was using birth control pills, which apparently equates to theft in his mind. The case, like many other bizarre cases, didn’t go too far and was eventually settled by the ex-couple.

5. Suing God

A Romanian prisoner, Pavel M., apparently brought a lawsuit against God. After serving 20 years for a murder he committed, he sued God for failing to protect him and help turn him away from the devil. Like many other cases on the list, which lack reason or rationale behind them, this was also eventually dropped, and never went too far. It would be quite difficult to get the defendant into court, if nothing else.

4. Terrence Dickson

It seems people file lawsuits for nearly anything. This man sued the homeowners, of a home he broke into, after trying to leave from the garage, he got stuck in it. He eventually got out of the garage, eight days later, due to some kind of malfunction which occurred. He filed suit for $500,000, claiming he suffered severe depression because of the occurrence. Again, not the smartest lawsuit, and needless to say, it didn’t go too far.

3. Widow sued by woman

The victim’s wife was sued by a woman who was riding a snowmobile and killed the husband. She claimed psychological shock because of the incident, after the woman had to watch the husband die. Does this case even have merit behind it? Likely not; if anything, wouldn’t the widow have a case against the woman who killed her husband?

2. Radio station sued by local woman

Cathy McGowan filed suit against a local radio station after she answered a competition question accurately on air for the Buxton radio station. The station claimed she would receive a Renault Clio, but to her surprise, she only got a toy car when she arrived at the station to claim her prize. She did win in this bizarre case however. The station was ordered to pay her the value of the actual car, which was $28,000 dollars. I guess the radio stations should be a bit more mindful of what they are doing, or at least be more accurate with prize descriptions.

1. Man sues Himself

Sure, you’ve heard it all, right? But, there are cases you would never even consider filing a lawsuit against yourself. Some people do however. Robert Lee Brock sued himself in 1995 when he decided to remove himself from prison to go to a mental institution. He did this by suing himself, for $50 million, claiming he committed a crime when drunk. He of course failed to get the transfer, and the case was dropped for lack of merit and lack of evidence.

Regardless of how weird, bizarre, or crazy you might think some things in this world are, it seems there are people out there who will do almost anything to get what they want. Whether or not you would ever consider doing these things, it did happen, and there are people out there who are willing to sue for anything. Of course most of us would never even consider a lawsuit of this nature, the legal system has seen and heard it all, as prefaced by these twelve cases.