7 Reasons Why Obama’s Presidency Maybe Considered A Failure

Over 52 percent of people who were asked to rate Obama’s presidency said they felt that the President had failed at delivering on his promises. Even among the 42 percent that rated Obama’s presidency a success, 39 percent were absolutely convinced that he was a failure. More worryingly, only 6 percent of Americans did not have an opinion on Obama’s presidency.

Even George W. Bush who many Americans thought was a failure got higher net approval ratings than President Obama. Here are 7 reasons why Obama’s Presidency maybe considered a failure.

1. Not enough done to improve divisions according to race

Most Americans expected a lot from Obama on race relations. What’s worse, he also prejudged various cases that involved sensitive racial issues like the shooting of Trayvon Martin and the way the police messed up things in Ferguson< Missouri.2. The stimulus did not do anything noteworthy

When Obama was elected to the office of President, there was a financial crisis that had to be handled. One of the first things he did was to sign a huge stimulus package to stimulate the economy. However, he has the dubious distinction of presiding over a very slow and weak economic recovery.

3. Financial reforms failed to have an effect

We expected Obama to ensure that a financial crisis like the one that hit the US in 2008 would not occur ever again. The reforms he undertook only led to the creation of more legislation, which further muddled the rule instead of clarifying them.

4. Obamacare had a disastrous launch

The disastrous manner in which Obamacare was launched reminded people about what is actually wrong with an oversized government. With Obamacare people who liked their existing health insurance plans could not keep them. For some this was really bad and for the rest it was the worst thing that could have happened to them. Most Americans are not buying the concept that Obamacare is a success.

5. Premature withdrawal of troops from Iraq

In his hurry not to emulate his predecessor George W. Bush, Obama quickly pulled American troops out of Iraq. He ignored the country, which was threatened by terrorists, and he also did not pay enough attention to the rise of the Islamic State. Ignoring warnings from the Kurds and the government of Iraq, Obama allowed the problem to go from bad to worse.

6. Immigration reforms have failed

After expending all his goodwill on stimulating an economy that did not respond well, Obama then had nothing left to offer to reform the immigration system. His plan to give amnesty was dubious at best. It is no wonder that he did not pursue this plan any further and dropped it altogether. The result is that everyone from the right to the middle to the left has been left enraged by these changes.

7. Failed to properly assess resurgent dictatorship in Russia

When debating Presidential nominee of the Republican Party, Mitt Romney, Obama sneered and dismissed the thought that Russia would actually pose a threat to America. His response to aggression from Russia is to simply impose a handful of sanctions and hope that the crisis will disappear on its own.