See These Myths About the COVID Vaccine

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At long last, we now have COVID 19 vaccines after months of anticipation. But while all should be happy that vaccines against the coronavirus are already available to protect us from contracting the deadly COVID 19, myths and misconceptions are being spread that do not only create doubts but also fears to many.

As of now, the supply of vaccines is still limited, so the World Health Organization came up with a list of priority groups who should be the first to be vaccinated. It is not surprising that health workers should be the first to receive the vaccine. Other preferential groups, according to the guidelines, are those who are more vulnerable to the disease.

But with the following myths being circulated, even those who are included in the first batches to be vaccinated are having second thoughts of having the vaccines. The following are myths and misconceptions and should not make you decide not to be vaccinated:

COVID Vaccines Were Developed Quickly and Are Not Safe

There was an immense need to quickly come up with vaccines against the coronavirus, or else, the transmission will never be stopped. There will be more deaths. Scientists worked continuously to come up with the vaccines.

The vaccines underwent many clinical tests to establish their safety and efficiency. Our situation now cannot be compared to twenty years ago. We have the most advanced technology, unlike in the past where they need to go through every procedure, spending much time to come up with a vaccine.

COVID Vaccines Have Adverse Side Effects

Just like any other vaccines, COVID 19 vaccines may also have allergic reactions on some individuals. But the effects are still there. If there are no immediate side effects, we can be complacent that coronavirus vaccines are safe. There is also a myth telling that the COVID 19 vaccine can also change our DNA, which is very hilarious, indeed.

Vaccines Might Contain the Coronavirus

Vaccines have no live organisms in them and so with COVID 19 vaccines. Vaccines are introduced to the human body to produce a single form of protein from the virus. When the protein is formed by the body, infection is prevented. When headaches, fever, or chills develop after being vaccinated, it is not because you are infected, but you are developing an immune response.

No Need of Being Vaccinated After Being Infected by COVID 19

Whether you were infected and recovered from COVID 19, you still have to take the vaccine. Vaccines will better protect you from the vaccine than the immune response you developed after being infected. With the condition at the height of the pandemic, you may have not actually been infected by the virus but your condition was mistakenly diagnosed as COVID 19, especially if you got almost the same symptoms at the early part of the pandemic when there were no lab tests yet.

You Should Not Get Vaccinated if You Have Underlying Conditions

If you have underlying conditions, you should consult your doctor. Let him draw his plans first before getting vaccinated. Some conditions may increase your risk of getting complications of COVID 19, so the more that you need to receive the vaccine.

COVID 19 Vaccine Can Leave You Infertile

There is no evidence that the COVID 19 vaccine will make women infertile, and men impotent. Women are prone to miscarriage or premature labor when they are infected with COVID 19. This makes it necessary for them to take the vaccine all the more.

Don’t Take the Vaccine if You Have Suppressed Immune System

Again, the COVID 19 vaccine does not have a live virus. This should allay fears of people with suppressed immune systems like those who just came from treatments for cancer and autoimmune diseases. These individuals may still be protected from the coronavirus but may not be as efficient as those with normal autoimmune system.

Breastfeeding or Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Get Vaccinated

If you are pregnant or a breastfeeding mom, you should all the more get vaccinated, especially if you belong to the priority groups. If you are concern about the health effects on your baby, think again. What will happen to your baby if you get infected? Weigh your options. As the last word of advice, even the most cautious can be infected. Talk to your doctor.

No Need to Wear Masks After Vaccination

Getting the vaccine does not mean that you can no longer get the disease. Always remember that no vaccine claims that it is 100% effective. Therefore, you still need to follow the safety protocols. Wear your mask and observe social distancing.

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