5 Caribbean Destinations with Luxury All-Inclusive Resorts

4) St. Lucia

One of the few Caribbean islands formed by volcanic activity, St. Lucia is home to the only drive in volcano in the world. Its mountainous terrain and lush, tropical landscape features a pair of dramatically tapered mountains called the Pitons. This is the island’s most famous landmark.

Its history is rich with both the French and the British taking control of the island seven times each throughout its history. As a result, the islanders speak a mix of English and a French-based patois.
Jade Mountain is an all-inclusive resort with stunning views of the Pitons. This cornucopia of organic architecture was designed to blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.

If that isn’t enough to get you excited, each of its guest quarters features exquisite private infinity pools. Imagine lounging on the deck of your beautiful private infinity pool, with the Pitons in the distance overlooking the vast expanse of the Caribbean Sea. Jade Mountain Resort is a gem among all-inclusive.

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