7 Steps To Ensure Your Happiness

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So how do we achieve that goal? Let see these seven steps to guide us along the road to happiness.

1) Construct a Plan of Action

The first step you need to take is essential to your success. Before you begin your journey, it is imperative that you visualize exactly what you want to achieve. Visualization is a technique used by many athletes. They envision themselves completing their event. Point A is where you are. Now see where you want to be. That would be Point B.

2) Focus Your Attention

This path you are about to embark on requires you to view the world around you differently. “Your beliefs create your consciousness, and your consciousness creates your reality, and your reality is maintained by the way your mind filters information.”

Every day, our minds are subject to a plethora of sensory inputs. From the time we open our eyes in the morning, we are constantly bombarded by imagery, sounds and smells. Quite frankly, our brains should overload. So why doesn’t it? We tend to filter out most of the inputs a d only focus on the ones that matter to us.

Have you ever had an experience where you didn’t notice something until it became important to you? Like wow, I never realised there were so many Ford trucks on the road until I bought a Ford truck? That’s because you never had reason to notice it before but now you do.

The same way your mind was able to block out that information until it was relevant to you, the same what you can filter out things that hinder you from living your dream life. “As you take action, your mind will show you new opportunities that were always there (just outside of your previous filters).”

3) Put the Systems and Processes in Place

Once you have made the decision to start living your best life, it is important to create an environment conducive to success. It is time to focus on maintaining your early wins. Sometimes we set out to reach a goal, like a weight loss diet for instance, but we never complete it because have not changed our environment that would allow us to reach our target. For example, you decide to change your diet and buy all the ingredients for the popular weight loss recipes but sitting in your fridge or cupboard are the snacks you vowed to do away with. How do you expect to achieve your goal with temptation sitting right in front of you. It would be better for you to remove all the bad influences first and then replace them with the things that will aid in your success.

The same goes for your desire to achieve your dream life. Before moving forward, You have to make changes to the things that would prevent you from truly doing so. Remove the temptations to revert back to your previously life.

4) Accountability Is a Must

Accountability is everything. Once you are accountable to someone, you drastically increase your chances of success. So inform someone of the goal you wish to achieve. It could be a family member or a close friend, even an acquaintance with a similar goal. “Accountability works because you want to keep your word and make a good impression of yourself in front of others.”

5) Catalyst for Change

It is important to note that success may not happen overnight. For some people it might and kudos to them but for most of us it may require several tries and several failed attempts before we can get it right.

But failure is not something to be feared. It should be seen as the motivation needed to keep coming, keep trying. That fear you have of failing could be the very thing holding you back from reaching your full potential. “Your catalyst for change may be exactly what you wanted or it may be the worst thing that could have happened.”

Whatever your trigger, your focus is now on what to do next. You must build on this event by continuing to create positive instances that move you towards your goal. Maintain your momentum by choosing to respond to each situation by taking another step towards the mark.

6) Character Matters

Who are you on the inside? Do you have the traits to achieve the goal you are setting for yourself? Studies have shown that there are certain characteristics a person must possess in order to succeed. These include grit, self-control, zest, social intelligence, gratitude, optimism and curiosity. Do you possess any of these?
Change on the outside must first start within. “Your core values are the prism through which you accomplish your goals.”

7) Muster Up the Courage

Steps 1 through 6 have equipped you with the tools to start living your best life. Once you have completed them, it is no time for procrastination. Many a brilliant idea has fallen by the wayside because the thinker procrastinated. Don’t let that person be you. “The fear of change may disguise itself as a thoughtful plan to wait for more information or better timing.”

The first steps are always the hardest but remember that the situation does not have to be perfect. You just need to make a start. Before you know it, you will realise that the more you move forward, the easier it will become and the fear will be nothing more than a distant memory. You will not know the true possibility of achieving your goal until you make that first move. Be courageous. Your dream life awaits you!

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