8 Unusual Things That Can Cause Allergies

#1 Cleansing wipes Cleaning cloths are really practical, but they can leave you with a nasty rash. They contain skin cleansing ingredients, preservatives and other fragrances. … [Continue reading]

6 Ultimate Places For 2018 Travel Bucket List

1. BREATHTAKING AZORES Reaching the exotic and remote string of islands known as the Azores has now become much easier as more airlines specially Delta Airlines increased their flights. This is one of Portugal's main attractions, especially … [Continue reading]

7 Ordinary Things That Can Cause Cancer In Your Home

1. The Couch Many sofas, mattresses, and other cushioned furniture are treated with TDCIPP [Tris(1,3-dichloroisopropyl)phosphate], which is a flame retardant known to cause cancer. According to one study, it's also one of ten chemicals most … [Continue reading]

10 Foods That Instantly Boost Your Brain Power

#1 Spinach Dark or leafy greens contain high levels of folate and vitamin B12, which may protect the brain against dementia. Researchers from Tufts and Boston universities observed subjects in the famous Framingham Heart Study and found … [Continue reading]

8 Reasons an Early Bedtime Is Better for Your Health

#1 Bedtime Benefit: Weight Loss "People who stay up late tend to eat lateā€”and eat even when they're not hungry," says Evelyn Tribole, M.S., R.D., who cautions that the body stores (instead of burns!) calories taken in from late-night snack … [Continue reading]

10 Food Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

#1 Scientists can turn peanut butter into diamonds. Scientists at the Bayerisches Geoinstitut in Germany have discovered that since peanut butter is so rich in carbon, it's possible to turn simple Skippy into diamonds. All you need is to … [Continue reading]

Best Foods To Eat on July 4th

#1 Hot Dogs We are not going to debate today, the hot dog versus the hamburger. We all love them both. However on the 4th of July, it's super easy to carry around and eat. That counts for a lot when trying to plan something quick and easy to … [Continue reading]

10 Of The Most Insane Restaurants In The World

#1 The Pop-Up Diner The Italian town of Ferrara recently introduced an interesting concept. For 60 Euros you can buy a dinner for two and then, on the scheduled evening, receive a text disclosing the location of the meal/table, which … [Continue reading]

7 Tips to Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy

Maintaining healthy gums and teeth not only make you have a confident smile but it promotes overall wellness and reduces risk of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory disease that often starts as a swelling of the gums, … [Continue reading]

8 Surprising Junk Foods That Are Actually Good For You

#1 Graham Crackers Inspired by a vegetarian diet, Graham crackers are created by a process of milling flour where more of the whole wheat is preserved. This makes this snack a much healthier alternative to cookies. … [Continue reading]

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