15 Best Workout Apps To Direct & Motivate You

It is everybody’s goal to live a healthy lifestyle, but there are just too many things that can derail you from your fitness regime. It could be your hectic schedule at work, family or relationship issues, overwhelming household chores, and so on. All of these can cause you to lose your motivation. Fortunately, there are various apps that can direct and motivate you to stick to your workout program. Here are just some of them:


Runkeeper is one of the very first fitness tracking apps that has been introduced to the public. It allows you to set your goals, come up with the best plan depending on what you are trying to achieve, as well as to track your progress. Since it records your runs and walks, it challenges you to strive harder so you can fulfill your goals sooner or later.


If you have an iOS device, you can utilize Cody for free. What it does is it connects you to the fitness community so you can share your workout programs with other users and vice versa. In short, you’ll learn from each other. The timeline shows your progress and you can easily see how close you are from reaching your fitness goals.


From the name of the app itself, you enter an agreement and you are required to pledge a certain amount of money. If you are unable to attain your goal within the number of days that you say you would, then you’ll have to pay. But if you complete the workout, you’ll earn some money. This is an excellent app since it encourages you to stick to your ‘pact’ or you will be fined.


This one here contains workout videos that you can follow in order for you to have a better figure. You’ll also gain access to tons of healthy recipes. Plus, there’s a community forum so you have the opportunity to interact and learn from other users. You have the option to upgrade if you wish to receive workout schedules on a weekly basis.


Charity Miles

It feels great to do something good for others. And you know what? You can actually help other people by sticking to your workout regime through the Charity Miles app. For every mile that you run or walk, you’ll earn cash that will go towards the charity of your choice.

Hot5 Fitness

The Hot5 Fitness app is fairly easy to use and it comes with a user-friendly interface. What it does is it provides you with numerous videos created by the best trainers. From yoga to the most challenging workout there is, you’ll find them all on this app. With free use, though, your access is limited so you might as well upgrade to maximize its use.


Human encourages you to stay active at least 30 minutes every day, which is very doable. And one good thing about it is that it doesn’t dictate the type of activity that you need to do. You can do whatever you like as long as it is a physical activity. What’s more? You can use it for free!


Every little thing that you do matters a lot. And if you want to develop a successful workout routine, you must monitor your every move. This is exactly what the Moves app can do for you. It gives you a summary of your movements as well as the number of calories that you burn.



Trying to lose weight? LoseIt will certainly direct and give you the motivation that you need. It can provide you with a weight loss plan that is achievable even for people who have hectic schedules.

This app serves as your personal trainer and nutritionist. All you have to do is to input your weight loss goal.


Your workout routine, as well as your daily diet, are equally important when it comes to getting fit. With the MyFitnessPal app, you can log the exercises that you do and the foods that you eat. It also allows you to connect with other health enthusiasts.


Being physically active does not mean that you have to go to the gym all the time. There are many activities out there that you can engage in. You can go cycling, hiking, kayaking, swimming, and many more. You can utilize Yonder to find the best outdoor activities in your location. It also provides reviews of the trails so you’ll have an idea of what exactly to expect.


Many people who are very busy at work are unable to head to the gym to workout. But just like what we have said earlier, you really don’t have to go to the fitness center to exercise. Sworkit can help you come up with a workout routine that is suitable for your free time. It could be a short exercise or it can also be an hour’s workout. It all depends on your availability.


Noom Weight Loss Coach

Users of iOS and Android devices can utilize the Noom Weight Loss Coach to track their workouts and daily meals. It also provides nutritional recipes and articles that will encourage the user to do better.


A lot of people say that they are unable to work out because they don’t have the time to go to the gym or they don’t have the exercise equipment at home. But the thing is, you can still have a great workout without utilizing any fancy equipment. This is where Freelectics comes in. It can provide you with hundreds of exercises, depending on your goals and fitness level.

FitBit Coach

This app can provide you with a personalized workout plan and a step by step guide so you can follow each exercise correctly. Plus, it shows your progress too.