15 Surprising Foods That Wreaks Your Immune System

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We all know how important keeping our immune system healthy is. We understand the importance of eating foods that can boost our immune system. But we sometimes fail to realize that avoiding foods that can damage our immune system is just as important. Hence today, we will be looking into the top 15 foods that wreak havoc on your immune system:

1. Candy


Candy has very high sugar content that can leave both short and long-term effects on your immune system. These effects happen right after eating candy and can last from minutes to hours. So, the next time you get a bar or two, mind your immune system.

2. White bread

Most white bread, cakes, and cookies use regular white flour. This flour has low nutrient content but with high calories. Thus, consumption of these foods can lead to weight gain and a higher risk of obesity and inflammation. These conditions weaken your immune system.

3. Fast food

A study by the University of Bonn tested the effect of high salt consumption on human volunteers. The volunteers took an additional six grams of salt on top of their daily meals. Six grams is equivalent to the amount of sodium in two fast-food meals. The result of the study revealed that the volunteers showed some immune deficiencies.

4. MSG-rich food

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is what gives dishes their umami taste. However, studies on the consumption of MSG indicated that MSG-rich foods have adverse effects on the spleen and thymus. These organs play a vital role in the creation of lymphocytes and antibodies for your immune system.


5. Alcoholic beverages

Some studies reveal that drinking alcoholic beverages can reduce the effectiveness of macrophages (cells that breakdown the invaders of your body). It also impairs the production of the B and T cells of your body. These two cells are your body’s first responders. That is why you are most likely to feel sick if you have been drinking more than usual.

6. Diet Soda

Soda contains no nutrients at all. It is just water, sugar, coloring, and whatever equally unhealthy ingredient. Even if it is a diet soda, the sweeteners in it like aspartame and saccharin both affect your metabolism and your body’s response to threats.

7. Coffee

Most people make it a routine always to have their daily caffeine fix. But as useful as coffee is in waking you up and boosting your energy, it also can raise your cortisol level, the stress hormone. If your body is always releasing this hormone, the constant tension can weaken your immune system.

8. Pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables

Some commercial crops have pesticides or ripening agents. Premature fruits contain high amounts of lectin, a substance that causes plants to change color as they ripen. Naturally, lectin decreases as the plant matures. But because these are premature when taken, lectin gets consumed, which can harm the balance of microbes in your gut.


9. Potato chips

Potato chips are commonly deep-fried in oil and have high sodium content. Not to mention potato chips are mostly carbs. These can all be lethal for your immune system and can lead to immune system deficiencies.

10. Canned goods

Canned goods have preservatives and other additives. These additives can cause problems in your digestive, as well as the immune system. They can reduce your body’s ability to counter stress, pushing your immune system to work harder.

11. Tofu

Most people think that substituting all meat in the diet with tofu is a great decision. However, studies show that it cannot always be true. Tofu contains high amounts of omega-6 fatty acids that affect the inflammatory response of the body when they overpower the omega-3 from fish and nuts.

12. Refined oil

Unlike cold-pressed oils like coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, and the like, refined oils are processed, which makes them lose some of the nutrients. Using these refined oils can actually out your body under stress and produce free radicals. These free radicals damage your cells and can cause bouts of inflammation.


13. Hot dogs

Hot dogs do not only have high amounts of salt and acid, but they are also processed. This combination is lethal for the immune system. The additives added during processing can lead to a higher risk of cancer.

14. Red meat

Most people love meat, especially when it is red. But eating red meat often can weaken your immune system. Red meat has high acid content. The more you consume red meat, the higher your pH load and acidity level will be. High acidity reduces the nutrients in your body, which weakens your immune system.

15. Strawberries

Who knew strawberries could also be bad for you? Well, generally, strawberries are excellent sources of nutrients. However, strawberries also possess a component called histamine. Consuming a lot of it can lead to congestion and sinus issues.

As much as possible, try to avoid eating these foods, or it not at least eat them cautiously and moderately. Your immune system is your body’s only natural defense against diseases. Make sure that you take care of it.



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