8 Unusual Things That Can Cause Allergies

#1 Cleansing wipes

Cleaning cloths are really practical, but they can leave you with a nasty rash. They contain skin cleansing ingredients, preservatives and other fragrances.

#2 Lotions (After Long Term Use)

Allergic reactions occur when you are repeatedly exposed to things, but it is not really clear why this suddenly happens after a long period of time.

#3 Anti-biotic Creams

If your skin itches, your first thought might be to look for a cream to soothe it, but you may find that the opposite is true.

#4 Plush Toys

They can look cute, but cuddly toys and collectibles can be magnets for house dust mites, which can cause runny nose, coughing, wheezing and even asthma attacks.

#5 Wool

Wool can often itch even if you are not allergic, but some people may experience itching even more due to sensitivity to lanolin, a natural wax-like substance.

#6 Hypoallergenic dog

There’s no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog. It’s not just about allergens in the fur–there are allergens in the skin, urine and saliva as well.

#7 Tattoos

Studies have shown that the most problematic allergenic pigment is red. This is traditionally due to the presence of mercury and its sulphides, but more recently to new organic pigments.

#8 Artificial nails

Products used on nails such as nail glue, polish and acrylic nails can cause contact dermatitis after exposure but it’s not always obvious that the nails are to blame.