The 9 Most Accurate & Affordable Blood Pressure Monitors

High blood pressure is a killer and is known for causing various heart-related illnesses. Wise eating is one of the surest ways to avoid high blood pressure or keeping it under control. Another way to keep control over this medical issue is with a blood pressure monitor. These devices can help you keep track of your condition without the need to rush to the doctor every time. Checking your pressure often is the right way of knowing what to do based on the reading. Here are the best blood monitors to keep with you.


The Konquest BP monitor is a great buy and is known for its accuracy. It requires four AA batteries to power its interface. It allows two users to store information for reference and has a manual for additional guidance. The device can store the time and date of any information you input for a later date.


The Paramed BP monitor has impressive features that give you reliable statistics of your blood pressure. The gadget can hold at least one hundred and twenty of your readings. Two users can use this device for data storage. It has a voice-mechanism that can tell you your results and the capability of testing for arrhythmia.

LAZLE BP Monitor

The Lazle BP monitor is an excellent choice if you want a more extensive interface. The device has a bigger screen than most other blood pressure monitors. The screen size would make reading easier for those with sight issues and a night mode option. This device guarantees accurate results, a problem you may have with some models.


If you are looking for a blood pressure unit that is easy to use, accurate and reliable, then the BIOLEVER BP Monitor is an excellent choice. The gadget has a large display of digital numbers for easier visuals and tells you the results using its built-in voice. The device has a one year warranty and fits comfortably on most arm sizes.

BOVKE Blood Pressure Monitor

The Bovke BP monitor is very functional with a one hundred readings capacity; two users can take advantage of its capabilities. The system has a double display screen for better visibility. You get two packs of complimentary AAA batteries when you purchase this device.

Greater Goods Blood Pressure Monitor

The Greater Goods BP monitor is a neat-looking device that will allow you to check your blood pressure from anywhere. Like the others mentioned before it, the gadget works with batteries. This ability makes it capable of giving you readings at any time from anywhere. It can store information from multiple users.

LOVIA BP Monitor

If you are looking for a blood pressure device that can store hundreds of date readings, look no further. The Lovia BP monitor can keep one hundred and twenty reading for two individuals each. It has a large LCD and which helps those who have trouble reading small numbers or words. The arm size cuff fits most arms and is easily accessible.

Duronic BP Monitor

The Durinic BP monitor is capable of personal and professional use. Like many others before it, the gadget has a large LCD with a large number display. Results from this device are accurate and easily accessible when needed. It comes from the seller with batteries installed and a pouch for easy transport. This device is a good option for those elderly or anyone with poor eyesight.

Generation Guard BP Monitor

If convenience and ease of use are your forte, then consider the Generation Guard BP monitor. This device checks for high blood pressure and irregular heartbeats. It can read hypertension levels, something not seen in some of the other brands. You can store about ninety readings on this gadget. This monitor has an edge on many of the other devices due to the extra features it carries when it comes to measurements.

These are considered the top nine blood pressure monitors on the market. Portable BP monitors are excellent for when you want to keep track of your body. High blood pressure is the primary cause of strokes and heart attacks. It would be wise to have one around so you can always check your health. To me, it makes a lot of sense.