7 Steps To Ensure Your Happiness

So how do we achieve that goal? Let see these seven steps to guide us along the road to happiness. 1) Construct a Plan of Action The first step you need to take is essential to your success. … [Read more...]

8 Unusual Things That Can Cause Allergies

#1 Cleansing wipes Cleaning cloths are really practical, but they can leave you with a nasty rash. They contain skin cleansing ingredients, preservatives and other fragrances. #2 Lotions … [Read more...]

10 Food Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

#1 Scientists can turn peanut butter into diamonds. Scientists at the Bayerisches Geoinstitut in Germany have discovered that since peanut butter is so rich in carbon, it's possible to turn … [Read more...]

Best Foods To Eat on July 4th

#1 Hot Dogs We are not going to debate today, the hot dog versus the hamburger. We all love them both. However on the 4th of July, it's super easy to carry around and eat. That counts for a lot … [Read more...]

5 Unconscious Lies Parents Tell A Lot

1. Santa Clause Is Watching You Instead of threatening them with Santa Clause not leaving presents for them under the tree, take away something in the here and now so they know their behavior has … [Read more...]

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