6 Amazing Benefits When You Eat 3 Bananas Per Day

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1. Blood Pressure Is Lowered

Studies have proven that eating just 3 bananas each day may be able to lower your blood pressure ina significant way. An average banana would have approximately 420mg of potassium and is practically free of sodium, this sodium and potassium mix is what is responsible for mitigating the effects that sodium has on blood pressure.

2. Improved Digestion

There are both soluble and insoluble fiber in bananas, we all know that fiber is a very important nutrient for the body. It assists in the regulation of the speed of digestion by slowing it down. Eating bananas will help with constipation and it makes you feel full much longer.

3. Assist In Producing Healthy Cells

About 20 percent of the daily amount of vitamin B6 which is required for adult intake can be found in bananas. The production of insulin is assisted with the intake of vitamin B6, it also helps with nonessential amino acids, hemoglobin and the production of antibodies which fights off infection.

4. Rich In Vitamin C

Bananas aren’t the fruit you think of when it comes to vitamin C. However you will be happy to know that 15 percent of the essential nutrient of vitamin C is found in a full serving of bananas. Vitamin C decreases the amount of free radicals which destroy the cells in the body. It also assists in keeping the muscles and bones healthy and strong.

5. Suppression Of Hunger Pangs

Because of the pleasant scent of bananas, they can reportedly suppress appetites and lessen hunger pangs. According to a study conducted in Chicago, smelling bananas when you are hungry can somehow fool the brain in thinking that you have actually eaten the bananas. This is amazing.

6. Improved Athleticism

Bananas provides antioxidants and some of the other nutrients naturally, they also boost muscles, that is some of the reasons athletes love to eat so many bananas. Studies has shown that eating half a banana approximately every 15 minutes while on a cycling time trial has the same effectiveness as consuming a carbohydrate sports drink during the same time period.

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