9 Tasty Foods To Help Lower Cholesterol

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1. Pomegranate


Regardless how you prefer your pomegranates, seeds or in juice form, you will definitely reap the benefits of this cholesterol-lowering power it has. Any form of the power fruit can assist in lowering your control against the online at of the fining the cholesterol by retarding the buildup.

2. Chick Peas


A study found that chickpeas is not only good for protein but is a great source to lower your cholesterol was carry out.

3. Plum


Keeping your cholesterol in check is as easy as grabbing a plum everyday. This contains anthocyanin, better know as antioxidants which help the heart by reducing blood pressure and cholesterol. Consider eating more servings of this type of fruit and your risk of getting a heart attack will be reduced by as much as 34%

4. Oats


Oats is a great source of fiber, a good bowl of cereal every morning may help lower your cholesterol and keep you feeling full until around lunch.

5. Kamut


A study done on kamut revealed that persons who regularly eat foods with this ancient grain, saw their cholesterol levels decrease significantly. Kamut can be served similar to quinoa or brown rice.

6. Coconut


You can top your salad with crunchy chunky flakes or you can drink the juice and eat the coconut straight in the shell, by doing this one study showed that it would lower your cholesterol level drastically.

7. Broccoli


This vegetable is filled with fiber, adding it to your plate, or steaming it for a nice warm drink will keep your cholesterol level in check.

8. Red Onion


Cutting this vegetable makes you cry but it contains anthoxanthins that help lower blood pressure and speed up your metabolism.

9. Tart Cherries


The tart cherries are a great source of fiber and they taste great. Antioxidants are found in this lovely fruit and they have a double heart helping benefit in that they can decrease the risk of heart attack in women.

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